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What is stainless steel?

Stainless steels are iron-based alloys containing 10.5 per cent or more chromium.


Stainless steel has the advantages :

  • Cleanliness / clean ability / hygiene Bacterial/microbial
  • Maintains product /food quality & Environment Friendly
  • Looks good & has a Long Term Value
  • Practical / readily fabricated etc.


What makes stainless steel non-corrosive?

Stainless steel contains a certain minimal amount of chromium, which is extremely reactive with oxygen. Chromium forms chromium oxide with oxygen and forms a protective layer on the surface that keeps the inner surface protected from corrosion. The layer is not visible as it is of the similar color.


Will my food stick on the pots after cooking?

If the cooking is done on moderate heat, the food will not stick on the pots. Infect tests have shown that moderate heat cooking produces best results whereas continuous high heat can cause the food to stick to the pot and discolor the stainless steel.


How do I clean my pots & pans?

For daily cleaning warm soapy water is sufficient. Clean your pots thoroughly after washing.


Do I need to use a lid while cooking?

It is always advisable to use a lid while cooking as it helps to seal valuable nutrients and flavor during cooking and also reduces condensation in the kitchen.


Will the Stainless Steel Handles get hot while cooking?

Stainless Steel handles will remain relatively cool while cooking but may become hot under certain conditions for instance when the heat source is too high or while frying. So if such situation rises, kindly use oven gloves or hot pads.


Why are Stainless Steel Products better then Crockery?

Unlike Crockery, Steel Products are more durable and unbreakable which makes them easy to use & maintain


How do I maintain my products?

The best way to clean your stainless steel products :

  • Use the regular household detergents with a sponge or bristle brushes
  • Avoid the use of chloride containing detergents
  • For stubborn stains a small amount of vinegar can be added to the scouring powder
  • For maintain the finish & polish of product, rub it with a soft dry cloth in the direction of the polish also a Paste of soda ash and water can be used.